10 Day Free Attorney Demand Letter Service

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10 Day Free Attorney Demand Letter Service

Save Time. Save Money. Recover Debt Faster. $150 Savings!

Attempt to collect through a free demand letter on attorney letterhead. Give your customer one last chance to pay / fair warning before taking more costly legal action. A demand letter notifi­es the debtor what action may be taken if payment is not received within a specifi­ed number of days.

If payment is received (and reported to NCS) within 10 days, no collection fee is due. Otherwise, collection efforts begin on the 11th day with a reduced rate on the in-house collection placement (10% for existing clients | 15% new clients).

Contact us today and mention “DL21” to receive your free attorney demand letter*

Offer ends October 31, 2021.

Call 800-826-5256 or email SecureYourTomorrow@ncscredit.com

*Previously submitted placements do not apply. Commercial accounts only. No placements under $1,000. Debt cannot be due prior to 1/1/21. Collections submitted without the source “DL21” will be subject to your applicable fee. Offer not valid for NJ collection. NCS reserves the right to refuse any placement.


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