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Let’s Talk About Commercial Bankruptcy

The more you understand about commercial bankruptcy, the greater chance of preserving your rights and ultimately receiving payment.

Time for Preparation, There’s No Rest Post-Recession

Be prepared for the next recession. Here's a few best practices you can implement to ensure you are prepared for the next economic downturn.

There’s No Ice Cream in Bankruptcy. Wait, What?!

In bankruptcy, we frequently hear terms like preference payment, claw back, and new value. What do these terms mean? Further, what do these terms have to do with ice cream?

Approve More Small Businesses for Larger Sales

Don’t leave money on the table as a result of no-hits and thin credit records on small businesses. With a comprehensive picture, you can issue higher credit limits and minimize your risk.

Arbitration, Mediation, Lawsuit – What’s the Difference?

Pros & cons of arbitration in construction disputes, plus the similarities and differences of arbitration and a lawsuit.

UCCs Have Priority Over 503(b)(9) Claims

In this article, we review how 503(b)(9) claims & consignment agreements are no match for properly perfected UCC filings.

Arbitration is Alternative Dispute Resolution

Arbitration, like mediation and adjudication, is a form of alternative dispute resolution and is typically favored in lieu of litigation.

Customer’s Name Change Could Jeopardize Your Security Interest

The accuracy of critical data, like your customer's name, within your UCC Financing Statement can make or break your security interest.

A Demand to Commence Suit May Shorten Your Deadline

Did you receive a Notice to Commence Suit? Review the document carefully, because your deadline to file suit may be sooner than you think.

Retail Bankruptcy and the Impact on the Landlord

We’ve previously discussed what retail bankruptcies mean for creditors who supply inventory, but what about the landlord?

DIP Financing: What Is It? Who Provides It?

DIP Financing (DIP = Debtor In Possession): What is It? Who provides It? What impact does it have on UCC filings?

Unsecured Creditors in Retail Bankruptcy Lose Out

As a creditor, it is important to ask yourself “In what ways can our company mitigate risk in today’s volatile credit environment?”