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Mechanic’s Lien on a Wind Farm Can Be Complicated

Supplying materials or labor to a wind farm project? Keep these 7 things in mind when filing your mechanic's lien.

North Dakota Mechanic’s Lien and Bond Claim Rights

What do North Dakota and mechanic’s liens have in common? They are both legendary! Let’s check out North Dakota mechanic’s lien rights.

Nebraska Construction Lien and Bond Claim Rights

Furnishing to a project in Nebraska? Read this post to learn more about securing construction lien and bond claim rights.

Serve the Mechanic’s Lien and File the Mechanic’s Lien

What happens if you file your mechanic’s lien, but don’t serve the lien on the appropriate parties? Your lien may be invalid - learn more!

Indiana Material Supplier Gets a Win in Appeals Court

A case that started as “material supplier to material supplier” shifted to “material supplier to subcontractor” - what happens to the lien?

Utah Mechanic’s Lien and Bond Claim Rights

Furnishing to a construction project in Utah? Today’s post is just for you as we explore Utah mechanic’s lien and bond claim rights.

Mechanic’s Lien Rights in Canada at a Glance

Did you know Canadian provinces have their own lien and bond claim statutes? Let’s review the steps for securing lien rights in Canada.

Add a Check to Your Mechanic’s Lien Checklist

Did you know your lien could be rejected by the recording office if you don't provide a check for the exact amount of the recording fees?

Is the Lien Consensual or Statutory?

There are 2 types of liens creditors may use: consensual or statutory. Check out this post to learn what the difference is & why it matters.

Legislative Updates in Construction 2021

In 2021, several states enacted legislative updates to their mechanic’s lien and bond claim statutes. Here’s a quick recap of changes.

Survey: Securitization on A/R During the Pandemic

The CRF surveyed the use and impact of securitization (UCCs, mechanic’s lien, etc.) on A/R during the pandemic. Here's what they found.

Arkansas Residential Mechanic’s Liens & Payment Bonds for Public Projects

Learn more about the changes for Arkansas residential mechanic’s liens and payment bonds for public projects.