Subchapter V Bankruptcies and Impacts on Trade Creditors (1 hr CLE credit)

NEW Special Event with Tucker Ellis and NCS Credit!

New Subchapter V was added to the Bankruptcy Code in 2020 to create a more efficient and economical process for small business debtors to reorganize. But the benefits to a Subchapter V debtor come at a cost to trade creditors. While Subchapter V makes it easier for small business debtors, it also impacts the rights that creditors have versus a traditional Chapter 11. Our presenters will explain and analyze various aspects of the new Subchapter V, including:

  • Eligibility requirements for a debtor to qualify for Subchapter V versus a traditional Chapter 11
  • Differences from a traditional Chapter 11
    • What happens to creditors’ committees?
    • Who can propose a plan?
    • What type of plan can be proposed?
    • Can the debtor’s principals retain their equity without putting in new money and without paying creditors in full?
  • Why this matters to you – the impact of Subchapter V on trade creditors
  • How has Subchapter V worked out so far

CLE accredited webinar – 1.0 credit hour

Join special guest speakers from Tucker Ellis: