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Will Safe Harbor Ever Exist for Florida UCC Filings? Zero Tolerance

Safe Harbor couldn't save this UCC. Florida's 'zero tolerance' policy means you must strictly comply with Article 9-503(a). Learn more here!

Failure to Use the Proper Forms Can Prevent Perfecting Your Security Interest

When preparing documentation to perfect a UCC filing, the requirements may not be too complex, but you must strictly follow the requirements.
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Special Types of Liens: Oil and Gas Liens

The question: “Are there special types of mechanic’s liens?” The Answer: YES! Some include Oil, Gas, Mineral, Wells, and Quarries.
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UCC Filings: Does DBA Matter?

The most common UCC filing mistake is incorrectly identifying the customer. A misspelling could hurt your security, learn more here.
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UCC Collateral Descriptions – Don’t Be Too Specific or Too Vague

A UCC must include a description of property serving as collateral. Find out how being too vague or specific could jeopardize your security.
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Private, Public, or Federal: The Importance of Project Type for Lien Rights

Learn more about the critical role project type plays in protecting your mechanic's lien and bond claim rights.
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Protect Your Purchase Money Security Interest in Goods

A perfected PMSI can give you priority in goods. But what happens when you don't perfect your PMSI? Read this post to learn more!
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What’s Included in a California Mechanic’s Lien?

Today’s post is for all you DIY-ers. Here’s a breakdown of the information you should include within your California mechanic’s lien.
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Bonding Off a Mechanic’s Lien: What Is It?

Bonding off a mechanic’s lien doesn't mean your mechanic’s lien rights are gone. check out this post to learn what you'll do instead.
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Georgia Mechanic’s Liens & Bond Claims

Furnishing to a project in Georgia? Check out these steps to protect your mechanic's lien or bond claim rights for projects in Georgia.
why you should serve non-statuatory notices graphic

Non-Statutory Notices: 3 Great Reasons to Serve Them

No required preliminary notice to protect mechanic's lien rights? You should serve a non-statutory notice and we have 3 great reasons why!
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Bankruptcy Proof of Claim Is Late

When the bar date is set, you’d better have a good excuse for missing it, because a deadline is a deadline. Careful, don't lose your claim!