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Move to the front of the payment line as a secured creditor when you file UCCs. Reduce your risk and your stress with UCC filings. UCC filings protect you in the event your customer defaults or files for bankruptcy.

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Our holistic and cost-effective UCC process will help you secure your equipment, inventory and receivables.

A UCC filing program will reduce your DSO, improve your cash flow and afford you the right to repossess your inventory or equipment. UCC filings can even increase your sales! With security in place, you can sell to previously unobtainable marginal accounts and increase your customer’s credit lines.

Dedicate More Time to Doing What You Do Best. We’ve Got It Handled.

Our Full-Service UCC Filing Program is designed with you in mind. You’ve got enough to worry about – let us prepare, file and monitor your UCCs.

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Lower Your DSO

Reduce the time it takes to collect payment and improve your cash flow.

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Increase Your Sales

Sell to previously unobtainable marginal accounts and increase your customers’ credit lines.

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Reduce Your Write-Offs

Leverage your UCC filings in the collection of past due accounts. Fewer write-offs mean you can lower the costs associated with your products and services.

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No Cost to Your Customer

Relax, there is no cost to your customer and it won’t impact their credit rating.

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Get Paid Faster

Stop worrying about chasing payment. With UCC filings in place, you’re set to get paid faster.

How we’ve helped others

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  • World Fuel Services Corporation

    “NCS has been a true partner to us. They truly understand our business and work closely with us on the intricacies of UCC law and how it applies to our unique situations. They are never too busy to answer our questions and their input is knowledgeable and insightful. They have helped us grow our business while properly managing our risk portfolio through their best-in-class portal and reporting tools. Highly recommend them.”

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    Kevin Lake, ICCE, Corporate Risk Manager
    Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.

    Using the Corporate Monitoring service NCS has been providing, our company has already identified two accounts with open credit limits which could have resulted in material losses: First, a $100,000 open credit limit and open accounts receivable. NCS identified the account as inactive with the State. Subsequent conference calls with the CFO of our customer found that the customer was “very close to running out of cash and it is unlikely to be funded further by outside investors.” Given such dire status provided verbally as well as the State standing, we reduced the limit to $0. Second, a $250,000 open credit limit. NCS identified the account as inactive with the State. HTA had no open exposure and decided to reduce the limit to $0 until the business returns to active status or until a sufficient explanation can be provided. As a general rule, HTA does not do business with companies that are inactive with the State without sufficient explanation and understanding.

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    Matthew Attanasio, Credit Manager

    Recently, we were able to enforce our inventory lien in a high profile bankruptcy case. NCS had made all of the proper notifications when filing the lien and this placed our position as high as the lender and the floorplan company. The net result was payment in full for a low 6 figure balance. Using NCS provides the peace of mind of knowing that the proper procedures are being followed to validate our secured positions.

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    Andrew St. Clair, Director of Financial Services
    Trek Bicycle Company

    The knowledge and due diligence of the NCS staff allows us to be confident that our secured filings are in order and perfected according to the laws of the United States and Canada.

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Relax. We’re here for you.

Don’t spend your valuable time chasing past due accounts. Take advantage of NCS Credit’s services and give yourself a break!

What sets us apart?

We’re here to back you up, and get you paid.

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We are the Experts

Our expertise focuses on commercial collections, UCC filings and mechanic’s liens. All day. Every day.
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The Entire Lifecycle

We are the industry’s only-full service provider. From UCC filings and mechanic’s liens, to collections all under one roof.
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Dedicated Contacts

You’ll never be alone. With dedicated account contacts, there’s always someone here to help.
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The NCS Credit Team

Our team is our greatest asset. We are dedicated to quality and excellence.
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One Size Fits One

We understand what you are trying to accomplish and we will customize a solution to get you there.
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Our Technology

Our people-backed technology lets you streamline your operations. Manage your receivables quickly, simply and accurately.

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