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Need to protect your accounts receivables? NCS can help. We have specialists in-house who provide credit solutions for businesses supplying products and services to distributors and retailers. NCS prepares, serves and files preliminary notices, liens and bond claims either through an established attorney network or through an in-house program under flat fees.

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Manufacturers often overlook a powerful tool when trying to get paid.

The focus is so often on preserving lien and bond rights, but manufacturers may be forgetting about the power of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). The UCC can be a faster and more effective collection tool, when used correctly to manage risk. A relatively small investment in a UCC program can yield a huge return.

Lending at all levels within the supply chain requires the use of best practices to be successful. UCC filings, along with notices and mechanic’s liens, can be powerful tools for manufacturers.

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Problem #1

Tracking liens is labor intensive

We specialize in credit solutions for businesses supplying products and services. We take care of preparing, serving and filing preliminary notices, liens and bond claims either through an established and thoroughly vetted attorney network or through an in-house program under flat fees. We also provide secure online services and reporting that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere—saving both time and money.

Problem #2

Managing notices, liens and UCCs can be overwhelming

Lending at all levels within the supply chain requires the use of best practices to be successful. The UCC can be a powerful tool, when used correctly, to manage risk. But when not followed correctly, it can result in lost revenue. Our experts know the ins and outs of the process, to ensure it is done correctly, so you can minimize your risk.

We’ve Helped Others

If you extend credit, regardless of industry, our services will reduce your credit risk. But, you don’t have to take our word for it. Learn how some of our clients have implemented UCC filings or a mechanic’s lien process to reduce their risk and improve their cash flow.

NCS at a Glance

Reduced Risk
97% of clients have reduced their risk when extending trade credit and 53% have increased their sales as a secured creditor.
Years Experience
Our account representatives have an average of 10 years experience in providing clients with customized solutions.
Client Loyalty
73% of clients who did business with NCS Credit in 2005 continue to do business with NCS Credit today and 87% of clients view us as their strategic partner.

How we’ve helped others

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    Michael Day, Controller

    After implementing the lien/notice to owner program, we have seen our DSO numbers steadily decline each month, to an average of around 22 days. That is over a 30% improvement in our DSO since we first partnered with NCS.

  • notice mechanic's lien testimonial graphic
    Jonas Smith, Credit Manager
    Echo Group, Inc.

    Echo Group was able to recover $37,000 on a public school project by leveraging the bond claim service provided by NCS. This bond claim gave us additional leverage in negotiating a settlement with the General Contractor that we would not have had otherwise. Regarding the second project, NCS made a bond claim on our behalf and we were recently informed that the surety will be paying Echo Group in full, approximately $61,000.

  • notice mechanic's lien testimonial graphic
    Nicole Hawkins, Credit Manager
    Foundation Building Materials

    I’m no longer missing lien deadlines and the ones I submit are reviewed and corrected before being mailed out! It’s so great! Thanks!

  • notice mechanic's lien testimonial graphic
    Christopher Santasiero, Corporate Credit Manager
    LG Hausys America, Inc.

    The NCS team is very easy to work with, and they offer outstanding customer service; moreover, I am impressed with the tremendous product knowledge and willingness to help offered by NCS Team members.

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Our broad network helps us help you

Each industry is unique, with its own set of risks and challenges. Our expertise is vast, our resources are bountiful, and our experience has provided us the opportunity to develop and refine tailored and successful solutions, for credit professionals just like you. Whether you need to improve your cash flow and work capital, reduce bad debt write-offs, or simply need to free up your credit department’s time, our team is prepared to ensure you are in the best possible position to get paid.

What sets us apart?

We’re here to back you up, and get you paid.

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Empowering heroes

Utilize NCS as a resource and a partner and become the person at your company who can get things done.
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Multiple solutions

Whatever your challenge, we have the tools and expertise to meet it–and get you paid.
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Decades of experience

We’ve been a trusted partner to our clients for more than half a century.
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“One size fits one” approach

No two of your accounts are the same. We respect and understand that. Our entire approach is built around finding solutions that best suit your needs.
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Online Service Option

Access your secure online portal 24/7 and save time and paperwork.
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Flat Fees

Take the guesswork out of it. Know your costs up front.