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The construction credit industry is uniquely risky. You don’t have time to worry about each state's requirements. Our experience and expertise minimize your risk and make the mechanic’s lien process hassle-free.

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Construction Credit is Risky

Long payment cycles, lean profit margins, gaps in information, and challenging accounts receivable make construction credit tricky. Leverage the security of mechanic’s liens and bond claims to ensure you’re in the best possible position to get paid faster.

We Feel Your Pain; We’ll Carry the Burden

It’s true, the pain of managing each project is overwhelming. In construction, your customers frequently have insufficient assets and are thinly capitalized. Stop worrying about “I’ll pay you when I get paid” and start getting paid on time.

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Don’t Miss Another Deadline

We file and track thousands of preliminary notice, mechanic’s lien, bond claim, and suit deadlines every week

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Choose the Options Right for You

Spend less and secure more with our Express, Premium, and Attorney services.

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Get Paid Faster

Stop worrying about chasing payment. With Notices and Mechanic’s Liens in place, you’ll get paid faster.


No Lien Rights for Rental Equipment Companies in Pennsylvania

Review this recent Pennsylvania legal decision and how UCC filings are poised to be the payment leverage rental equipment companies need.
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How we’ve helped others

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  • notice mechanic's lien testimonial graphic
    Eric Emerick, VP of Operations
    Aircon Engineering Inc.

    We’ve used NCS to protect a significant portion of our receivables over the past year…and with great success! By implementing a lien program, we have reduced our DSO by 20% in the last 12 months.

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    Nicole Hawkins, Credit Manager
    Foundation Building Materials

    I’m no longer missing lien deadlines and the ones I submit are reviewed and corrected before being mailed out! It’s so great! Thanks!

  • notice mechanic's lien testimonial graphic
    Melissa Kobus, Assistant Director of Credit
    Walters Wholesale Electric Co.

    The improved turnaround time on lien waivers saves us 100 hours a month compared to our previous process. We quickly generate, review, and email our lien waivers. I can provide my customer with their waiver in 10 minutes or less. We have seen an increase in customer satisfaction because of this performance improvement!

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Relax. We’re here for you.

Don’t spend your valuable time chasing past due accounts. Take advantage of NCS Credit’s services and give yourself a break!

What sets us apart?

We’re here to back you up, and get you paid.

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We are the Experts

Our expertise focuses on commercial collections, UCC filings and mechanic’s liens. All day. Every day.
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The Entire Lifecycle

We are the industry’s only full-service provider. From UCC filings and mechanic’s liens, to collections all under one roof.
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Dedicated Contacts

You’ll never be alone. With dedicated account contacts, there’s always someone here to help.
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The NCS Credit Team

Our team is our greatest asset. We are dedicated to quality and excellence.
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One Size Fits One

We understand what you are trying to accomplish and we will customize a solution to get you there.
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Our Technology

Our people-backed technology lets you streamline your operations. Manage your receivables quickly, simply and accurately.

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No Lien Rights for Rental Equipment Companies in Pennsylvania

Review this recent Pennsylvania legal decision and how UCC filings are poised to be the payment leverage rental equipment companies need.
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Primary Types of Lien Waivers

This infographic reviews the fundamentals of conditional, unconditional, partial, and final lien waivers. Ready to learn more about the primary types of lien waivers and which waiver could provide you with the best leverage?

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Live Webinar

Equipment UCC Filings

What do you do if your customer files bankruptcy or defaults on payment? Article 9 of the UCC defines “equipment” as goods used or bought for primary use in business. In other words, goods your customer uses in the course of their business. The ability to take a secured interest in the equipment can help with credit decisions.
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