Industry-specific expertise from a network of specialized professionals

Each industry has characteristics and best practices that make it unique. At NCS Credit we understand this and we use experienced professionals in each vertical to get the job done and help you get paid.

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Collection expertise, tools and programs specific to your industry

Your accounts are unique. We get that. With decades of knowledge managing collections for manufacturers, construction suppliers, food distributors and energy providers, we also know that industry-specific expertise gets the job done faster and more cost-effectively.



Tools and resources for manufacturers and commercial operations.



Billions of dollars protected over half a century of working with construction suppliers.

Food Distributors

Food Distributors

Expert help with protecting accounts receivable in the food distribution industry.

energy icon


A nimble and thorough understanding of recovery in the ever-changing energy industry.

Scrap metal recycling facility.


If you are a manufacturer and need to protect your accounts receivables, NCS Credit can help. We have specialists in-house who provide credit solutions for businesses supplying products and services to distributors and retailers. NCS Credit prepares, serves and files preliminary notices, liens and bond claims either through an established attorney network or through an in-house program under flat fees.

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Partner with NCS Credit and leverage the power of our experience. We are the construction credit industry’s national leader in the serving of notices and filing of mechanic’s liens and bond claims in the U.S. and Canada. Over the years, we have protected billions for our construction clients.

apples in a warehouse

Food Distributors

Get the protection you need if your customer defaults or files bankruptcy. We offer the industry’s only full-service, flat fee UCC filing program.
Secure 24/7 online access, through a customized web portal, is available for all filing requests and reporting. Types of filings include consignment sales, bailment, tooling, warehousing situations and installments/promissory notes.

field of windmills creating solar energy


The energy industry is dynamic and ever-changing. When you are looking to protect your accounts receivables, monitor customers or recover missed payments, we have the network of professionals needed to handle it. Our customers in the energy industry rely on us to get the job done and to get them paid fast.

Commercial collections—simplified

Past-due accounts can have a serious impact on your bottom line. Mitigate problems with your business-to-business receivables with access to our nationally recognized in-house attorneys, paralegals and collectors focused on commercial debt recovery.

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in house expert collections icon

In-house experts

Attorneys, paralegals and collectors on your side.
24 hour access collections icon

24/7 access

View and manage the process online, day or night.
fully bonded collections icon

Fully bonded

Guaranteed to match our reputation.
professional collections icon

Professional and credible

National leadership in mechanic’s lien, bond claim and UCC filing.

Successfully and accurately navigate the Uniform Commercial Code

Our UCC Services Group offers Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing and monitoring services and a recovery program that protects you if your customer defaults or files bankruptcy.

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flat fees ucc icon

Flat fees

Utilize the industry’s only full-service flat fee UCC filing program.
24 hour access ucc icon

24/7 access

View and manage the process online, day or night.
range filings ucc icon

Range of filings

Consignment sales, bailment, tooling, warehousing situations and installments/promissory notes.
international recovery ucc icon

International recovery

Programs available for Canada (PPSA), Mexico (RUG), Australia (PPSA) and New Zealand (NZPPSA).

Billions protected for our construction clients

Partner with the construction credit industry’s national leader in the serving of notices and filing of mechanic’s liens and bond claims.

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Construction specialists

We specialize in credit solutions for construction industry suppliers.
24 hour access notice lien icon

24/7 access

View and manage the process online, day or night.
legal tools notice lien icon

Legal tools

Preliminary notices, liens and bond claims served and filed.
national expertise notice icon

National expertise

The right attorney for the job, either in-house or via an established national network.

Knowledge, support and education in a range of complementary fields

Partner with industry thought leaders and make the best financial decisions possible for your company.

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public records search icon

Public records search

Put your customer concerns to rest with our detailed public records reports.
bankruptcy monitoring icon

Bankruptcy tools

Thorough and effective bankruptcy searches, monitoring and proof-of-claims.
credit reporting icon

Credit reporting

Reduce credit risk and protect your bottom line with detailed commercial credit reports.
cashflow calculator icon

Improve your Cashflow calculator

Use our free tool to calculate the impact of reducing your DSO.

How we’ve helped others

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  • notice mechanic's lien testimonial graphic
    Eric Emerick, VP of Operations
    Aircon Engineering Inc.

    We’ve used NCS to protect a significant portion of our receivables over the past year…and with great success! By implementing a lien program, we have reduced our DSO by 20% in the last 12 months.

  • World Fuel Services Corporation

    “NCS has been a true partner to us. They truly understand our business and work closely with us on the intricacies of UCC law and how it applies to our unique situations. They are never too busy to answer our questions and their input is knowledgeable and insightful. They have helped us grow our business while properly managing our risk portfolio through their best-in-class portal and reporting tools. Highly recommend them.”

  • ucc testimonial graphic
    Dottie Herbert, Director of Credit
    Sysco Boston

    We had a situation with a large volume customer with no personal guaranty who closed their doors unexpectedly…leaving us with a past due balance of $189,000…Without us being a secured creditor with a UCC filing in place, I truly believe that we would have only received cents on the dollar under the unsecured general creditors. Sysco Boston has been paid due to the utilization of the UCC and the services of NCS. NCS makes this process easy.

  • notice mechanic's lien testimonial graphic
    Melissa Kobus, Assistant Director of Credit
    Walters Wholesale Electric Co.

    The improved turnaround time on lien waivers saves us 100 hours a month compared to our previous process. We quickly generate, review, and email our lien waivers. I can provide my customer with their waiver in 10 minutes or less. We have seen an increase in customer satisfaction because of this performance improvement!

  • ucc testimonial graphic
    Kevin Lake, ICCE, Corporate Risk Manager
    Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.

    Using the Corporate Monitoring service NCS has been providing, our company has already identified two accounts with open credit limits which could have resulted in material losses: First, a $100,000 open credit limit and open accounts receivable. NCS identified the account as inactive with the State. Subsequent conference calls with the CFO of our customer found that the customer was “very close to running out of cash and it is unlikely to be funded further by outside investors.” Given such dire status provided verbally as well as the State standing, we reduced the limit to $0. Second, a $250,000 open credit limit. NCS identified the account as inactive with the State. HTA had no open exposure and decided to reduce the limit to $0 until the business returns to active status or until a sufficient explanation can be provided. As a general rule, HTA does not do business with companies that are inactive with the State without sufficient explanation and understanding.

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