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notice and lien

Notice & Lien

Bankruptcy Monitoring

Receive alerts if your customer files for bankruptcy protection. This service provides prompt email notification of the filing and will include the jurisdiction, court, chapter of bankruptcy, case number, date of filing, the option to purchase bankruptcy documents and next action recommendations.

With bankruptcy monitoring, NCS Credit will:

  • Monitor your customer for USA bankruptcy filing
  • Alert you via email within 24-48 business hours of a bankruptcy being filed
  • Provide you with a next action recommendation
  • Offer assistance with the filing of secured and/or unsecured Proof of Claims, a Relief from Stay or 546(b) Notices

Learn more about NCS Credit bankruptcy monitoring.

Bankruptcy Proof of Claim

When you receive a notice that your customer has filed for bankruptcy, it should be reviewed to determine if a proof of claim needs to be filed.

A proof of claim is a document filed within the bankruptcy court that alerts the court, debtor, trustee and other interested parties that a creditor wishes to register a claim against the assets of the bankruptcy estate. This document is important because it provides proof that the claim is valid and owed and notifies the Trustee of the creditor’s claim, as well as what class to associate the claim with.

You must act quickly.

It is critical that the proof of claim is filed correctly and in a timely manner, whether it’s secured or unsecured, to ensure your rights are preserved and maximize any possible distribution.

Learn more about bankruptcy proof of claim.

Corporate Monitoring

Get alerted to changes of a registered entity. Receive immediate updates when the State Corporation Division reports a change in your customer’s corporate profile along with decision-making information to keep the UCC Financing Statement in compliance with Article 9-507(c), which provides a four-month window to amend the UCC Filing for a debtor name change.

With Corporate Monitoring, NCS Credit will:

    • Monitor your customer for corporate compliance for the life of the UCC filing
    • Provide an email notification to alert you of an entity name or status change
    • Recommend what you need to do to retain your secured position
    • Post the updated Corporate Certificate to your NCS Online Services portal

Learn more about corporate monitoring.

Credit Reporting

Partner with us to access the industry’s most effective credit reports, combining business trade payments and public record detail. NCS Credit provides you with a choice of cost-effective reports at prices commensurate with the risk involved. Whether your customer is a large or small business, we arm you with the tools you need to make informed credit decisions.

Reporting options available

  • Comprehensive
  • Summary
  • International

OnDemand Webinars

Educate yourself with webinars from the industry’s leading professionals. Available for an annual subscription fee, Notice & Mechanic’s Lien Services and UCC Services webinars can be purchased as separate sets or they may be bundled together for a complete set.

Ideal for:

  • Large credit staffs
  • 24/7 access
  • Training new employees
  • Continuing education

Check out the OnDemand Webinar fact sheet for more information on these courses.

Collection expertise, tools and programs specific to your industry

Your accounts are unique. We get that. With decades of knowledge managing collections for manufacturers, construction suppliers, food distributors and energy providers, we also know that industry-specific expertise gets the job done faster and more cost-effectively.



Tools and resources for manufacturers and commercial operations.



Billions of dollars protected over half a century of working with construction suppliers.

Food Distributors

Food Distributors

Expert help with protecting accounts receivable in the food distribution industry.

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A nimble and thorough understanding of recovery in the ever-changing energy industry.


How we’ve helped others

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  • collections testimonial graphic
    Matthew Attanasio, Credit Manager

    Recently, we were able to enforce our inventory lien in a high profile bankruptcy case. NCS had made all of the proper notifications when filing the lien and this placed our position as high as the lender and the floorplan company. The net result was payment in full for a low 6 figure balance. Using NCS provides the peace of mind of knowing that the proper procedures are being followed to validate our secured positions.

  • notice mechanic's lien testimonial graphic
    John Keefe, Executive Operations Officer
    CSI of Virginia, Inc.

    I love the system. Before NCS I was doing the law research (long and tedious), generating the documents, certified mailing the signed docs to the necessary parties, and trying to monitor the milestones. It was a very difficult but necessary task. The NCS service website and the lien digest have revolutionized how CSI protects its lien rights. I literally log on to the website, go to the lien digest to educate myself, pull up a service request, and input the necessary data. Done! NCS reminds me of the next milestones. Brilliant. Thank you!

  • ucc testimonial graphic
    Dale Tennis, Credit Manager
    Nora Systems, Inc.

    One of our customers just went out of business and owed us $58,000+. We were able to recover $40,000 of it because we had the UCC as security and as a negotiating tool. From what I’ve heard, the unsecured creditors were left with pennies on the dollar or nothing at all.

    We are now going on 19 years with NCS Credit services and the business partnership we share is considered a treasured tool in our credit arsenal. Over the years NCS Services has undoubtedly helped our company to have very low write-­offs. If not for NCS services, we would be looking at an 8K bad debt write-­off.

  • testimonial graphic
    Nealson Hanner, Assistant Credit Manager
    Rain for Rent

    Having essential project information is key to mitigating credit risk for Rain for Rent. As you know, we subscribed and began using LienFinder in January 2016. It has proved to be a very resourceful tool.

    We had a project in New Jersey, and because the preliminary notice was not required, the project information was not gathered. The project was for $346,000 and all of a sudden payment became an issue. We decided to file a lien but did not have all of the entities in the ladder of supply required to file a lien. As happens in a lot of these situations, phone calls were not being answered. I logged into LienFinder and found a Lien had already filed on the project as well as all of the essential information I needed. This saved me considerable time trying to find the information and ultimately helped me get paid in full! LienFinder is an important tool in our process.

Shot of two colleagues shaking hands during a meeting at work

Customized resources.Trusted partnerships.

Your situation is unique. When you partner with NCS Credit, we evaluate your specific situation and focus on generating customized solutions to fit your budget and organizational requirements.

We want to know your issues and concerns so we can give you the best value for protecting your money.

Proudly, 87 percent of our clients consider NCS Credit a strategic partner. We aim for long-term relationships.

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