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Big Foot, a Unicorn, and a UCC Financing Statement

UCC filings are magical; UCCs grant you a security interest and put you in the best possible position to get paid, in the event your customer defaults.

Blanket Filing or PMSI Filing

A creditor can file a PMSI and Blanket Filing on the same collateral. Unsure which filing your company should be doing?

The Competitive Advantage of UCC Filings

UCCs create opportunities. UCCs offer additional security, which means you could sell to marginal accounts that were previously out of reach. 

Will Safe Harbor Ever Exist for Florida UCC Filings? Zero Tolerance

Safe Harbor couldn't save this UCC. Florida's 'zero tolerance' policy means you must strictly comply with Article 9-503(a). Learn more here!

Failure to Use the Proper Forms Can Prevent Perfecting Your Security Interest

When preparing documentation to perfect a UCC filing, the requirements may not be too complex, but you must strictly follow the requirements.
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UCC Filings: Does DBA Matter?

The most common UCC filing mistake is incorrectly identifying the customer. A misspelling could hurt your security, learn more here.
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UCC Collateral Descriptions – Don’t Be Too Specific or Too Vague

A UCC must include a description of property serving as collateral. Find out how being too vague or specific could jeopardize your security.
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Protect Your Purchase Money Security Interest in Goods

A perfected PMSI can give you priority in goods. But what happens when you don't perfect your PMSI? Read this post to learn more!
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Help Your Customer Understand UCC Filings

Filing UCCs? Send your customer this letter to help them better understand the UCC filing and how it impacts them.

Four Reasons We Love UCC Filings

Here are four reasons we love UCC filings and you should too! Plus a bonus 5th reason - check out this post for details!

Safe Harbor Might Save One Creditor’s UCC Filing

A $3M reminder to always list your customer’s name on the UCC as their name appears on the public organic record.

What Is a UCC-3 Filing and Why Should You File One?

File a UCC? If you have and you need to continue, amend, assign, or terminate your UCC filing, you will file a UCC-3. Learn about UCC-3s!