Implementing a UCC Program: Overcoming Obstacles

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Secure Your UCC Program

Are you incorporating UCC filings into your business practices? Are you afraid of your customer’s reaction? 

One of the most important steps you can take to minimize risk and increase potential for recovery is to execute a security agreement and to perfect that agreement through the filing of a UCC-1.

Simply put, if your customer files bankruptcy and there is no signed security agreement/UCC-1, a bankruptcy court would treat you as an unsecured creditor. That means you would be one of the last creditors paid, if you got paid at all. By signing a security agreement, you secure a place in line to be paid in the event of bankruptcy. All creditors granted secured positions through the UCC process are paid first, in the order of filing. This free webinar is an opportunity to learn how to:

  • IMPLEMENT a UCC filing program and address the concerns of your salespeople
  • OVERCOME customer objections
  • DETERMINE when to ask for security agreements and how to present them