Secure Receivables in Mexico via the RUG

Welcome to the RUG! RUG is the acronym for the secured transaction filing system in Mexico. Registro Unico Garantias Mobiliarias (Unified Registry of Moveable Property Collateral)

In September of 2010, Mexico instituted amendments to their secured transaction law. These amendments better aligned Mexico’s secured transactions with U.S. Uniform Commercial Code – Revised Article 9 and Canada’s Personal Property Security Act.

A properly perfected pledge (in the U.S. & Canada this would be the security agreement), protects the creditor against third parties that claim an interest in the collateral, allows the creditor to foreclose on the property and apply all proceeds to the outstanding debt, and grants preference against a bankruptcy trustee and all other creditor types including tax claims.

Download this infographic to learn more about the RUG.

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