Missed deadlines can cost you dearly.

Each state has its own detailed process, deadlines and rules, making the laws that deal with mechanic’s liens complex and confusing. NCS Credit has more than 50 years of expertise, which is why we've developed an easy-to-understand reference guide called The National Lien Digest©.

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Mechanic’s lien laws are often complex and confusing.

The National Lien Digest© is an easy-to-use guide to mechanic’s lien and bond claim laws in the U.S. and Canada. It simplifies the complicated process of filing notices, mechanic’s liens and bond claims in an easy-to-understand reference guide.

It has become the industry standard – serving more than 35,000 credit professionals.

No guesswork. Easy-to-understand format.

The National Lien Digest© is available in U.S., Canadian or custom editions. For each state, province and territory, we research and compile the statutes to concisely lay out the timetables for action.

No guesswork – it’s spelled out in an easy-to-understand format. The information is centrally located and updated in real time.

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Everything you need

Included in The National Lien Digest© is everything you need to get started. Users have access to:

  • Time and information requirements
  • Latest legislation updates as statutes change
  • Quick reference sheets
  • Threshold requirements for payment bonds
  • Glossary
  • Date calculator
  • NCS Credit QuickTrack
  • Job information sheets