Webinar: UCC Filings 101

Filing UCCs can reduce your credit risk. A properly perfected UCC protects your company's inventory, equipment, and receivables.

Learn More about Article 9 and UCC Filings

Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) provides trade creditors with an opportunity to secure their goods and / or accounts receivable by using the personal property assets of their customer as collateral. A properly perfected UCC filing elevates you to secured creditor status and protects you in the event your customer defaults or files for bankruptcy.

Watch this webinar to learn how UCC filings can:

  • Protect you if your customer defaults or files for bankruptcy
  • Create opportunities to increase sales when selling to marginal accounts
  • Secure your right to get paid

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OnDemand webinar subscriptions include:

  • The UCC Process
  • The Notice Mechanic’s Lien Process
  • The Bundle: UCCs and Liens

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