A workplace founded on teamwork, trust and respect

We strive to provide an engaging and collaborative work environment focused on growth for our employees and our business. We are a five-year Top Workplace winner!

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Our people are the foundation of everything we do

We are a family-run organization that strives to provide the best environment possible for our team to thrive — because when our people thrive, they can guide and empower our clients through all their credit decisions.

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brittany aldrich

Brittany Aldrich


Kristin Alford

Education & Marketing Specialist
anna anzalone

Anna Anzalone

Accounting Manager
gerald bailey

Gerald Bailey

Executive Sales and Education Services Manager
matt bednarsky

Matt Bednarski

Software Developer
lathan bidwell

Lathan Bidwell

Lead Software Developer
keeley bindas

Keely Bindas

Client Success Lead
mike boerman

Michael Boerman

Account Coordinator
cindy bordelon

Cindy Bordelon

Manager, UCC Services Group
jenna burnett frasher

Jenna Burnett-Frasher

Training Coordinator
joe caco

Joe Caco

Chief Financial Officer
andrew carney

Andrew Carney

IT Help Desk Technician
michael cheselka

Michael Cheselka

Director of Information Technology
robert clark

Robert Clark

National Account Executive
dee cowan

Dee Cowan

mary cowan

Mary Cowan

bernie cowan

Bernie Cowan

Executive Vice President
andrea west

Andrea Destefano

Administrative Assistant
james draeger

James Draeger

IT Manager
kelley drumm

Kelley Drumm

Director of Marketing
brandie duka

Brandie Duka

Account Manager
aimee ebersbach

Aimee Ebersbach

UCC Specialist
michael frank

Michael Frank

Director of Innovation
shelby fuller

Shelby Fuller

Legal Coordinator
michelle gerred

Michelle Gerred, Esq.


Kayla Holan

Account Coordinator
gianna homrock

Gianna Homrock


Amanda Hult

Account Coordinator
amy hunger

Amy Hunger

Secured Services Lead
elizabeth hunt

Elizabeth Hunt

UCC Specialist
joe isabella

Joseph Isabella

Account Representative
nancy kennerly

Nancy Kennerly

Quality Assurance
colleen kirk

Colleen Kirk

Administrative Assistant
brandon kirsch

Brandon Kirsch

Lead Software Developer
becky krofcheck

Becky Krofcheck

Account Manager

Kaleigh Ludec

Account Coordinator
lisa dilorio

Lisa Luedeke

Accounting Specialist
olivia macek

Olivia Macek

UCC Specialist
jen mach

Jennifer Mach

Client Success Lead
cheryl marn

Cheryl Marn

Collections Specialist/Paralegal
asya martin

Asya Martin

Account Coordinator

Stephen Matheny

Software Developer
elizabeth mcelroy

Elizabeth McElroy

Collection Specialist
irena mijic

Irena Mijic

Manager, Notice/Lien Services Group
danielle moon

Danielle Moon

Secured Services Specialist
john murray

John Murray, Esq.

Manager, Collection Services Group

Maryann Nuckols

Account Coordinator
alec papesch

Alec Papesch

Account Representative
dane penttila

Dane Penttila

Senior Software Developer
amy poje

Amy Poje-Marsh

Director of Operations
pete pozzuto

Peter Pozzuto

Senior Account Representative
selena rodriguez

Selena Rodriguez

Account Coordinator
therese scarpella

Therese Scarpella

Account Representative

Zach Scott

Secured Services Coordinator

Adrian Segedy

Director of Sales
amanda sisneros

Amanda Sisneros

Account Representative
michael spangler

Michael Spangler

Lead Software Developer
kristin springer

Kristin Springer

Account Manager
sandra stelmarski

Sandra Stelmarski

Senior Account Representative
maja sullivan

Maja Sullivan

Account Manager
ryan szemplak

Ryan Szemplak

Senior Software Developer

John Taylor

Senior Software Developer
cheryl tecco

Cheryl Tecco

Administrative Assistant
tara todd

Tara Todd

Account Manager
diane toth

Diane Toth

UCC Specialist
stephanie trzcinski

Stephanie Trzcinski

Accounting Specialist
desire tercek

Desiree Vectirelis

Account Manager
kim wazlavek

Kim Wazlavek

Director of Human Resources
makayla willison

Makayla Willison

UCC Specialist
marla zurlo

Marla Zurlo

Senior Account Representative

Why we love NCS Credit

About NCS
  • aimee ebersbach
    Aimee Ebersbach, UCC Specialist

    I have worked at NCS Credit for most of my career. The NCS team is amazing! NCS is an established and consistently growing company. Always forward thinking and updating to new and changing times, with a hybrid work schedule to help balance work and family life has been a huge plus. A great place to work!

  • Kristin Alford, Education & Marketing Specialist

    When I began my career as a Notice & Lien Specialist, I was new to the industry. But I asked questions, I sought training from my peers (in addition to the training offered). Not only have I learned a TON throughout my career, I recognized and seized opportunities to pave my own way. My current role, Education & Marketing Specialist, didn't exist when I first started with NCS Credit - but, with ambition and the support of leadership, I found myself creating a great career! What's more, my role continues to grow and evolve and the learning never stops. If you have the desire and drive, you should absolutely consider NCS Credit. I’m proud to be a part of the NCS Credit community and I genuinely look forward to contributing to its success for years to come.

  • amy poje
    Amy Poje-Marsh, Director of Operations

    As I reflect on my 20+ years with NCS Credit, I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to grow my career from a UCC Specialist to Department Manager and now to Director of Operations. I see that through exceptional leadership, teamwork and determination, this company, along with its employees, has grown exponentially. NCS Credit encourages its employees to be inquisitive, to learn more and become industry experts. I love seeing others take that opportunity to make a difference and be impactful, not only with each other, but with our clients! The NCS Credit community is the best! I am lucky to have such amazing teammates who continue to help me thrive every day.

  • anna anzalone
    Anna Anzalone, Accounting Manager

    Shortly after graduating from college, I started my career with NCS Credit as an UCC Specialist. Although the accounting position that I was initially interested in had just been filled, I was very curious about NCS and the role UCCs played in business and finance, so I decided to accept a position offered in the UCC Department. Today, over 15 years later, as the Accounting Department Manager, what I still enjoy most about NCS Credit are the opportunities for learning and growth, and our determined and caring community working together to secure our client’s receivables to put them in the best position to maintain stability and growth in their thriving business.

What sets us apart?

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Empowering Heroes

Utilize NCS as a resource and a partner and become the person at your company who can get things done.
Card #2

Multiple Solutions

Whatever your challenge, we have the tools and expertise to meet it–and get you paid.
Card #3

Decades of Experience

We’ve been a trusted partner to our clients for more than half a century.
Card #4

“One Size Fits One” Approach

No two of your accounts are the same. We respect and understand that. Our entire approach is built around finding solutions that best suit your needs.
Card #5

Online Service Option

Access your secure online portal 24/7 and save time and paperwork.
Card #6

Flat Fees

Take the guesswork out of it. Know your costs up front.