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New Mexico Lien and Bond Claim Rights

Curious about mechanic’s lien & bond claim rights in New Mexico? Today's post is for you because we’re in a New Mexico state of mind!
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Bankruptcy Proof of Claim Is Late

When the bar date is set, you’d better have a good excuse for missing it, because a deadline is a deadline. Careful, don't lose your claim!

Survey: Securitization on A/R During the Pandemic

The CRF surveyed the use and impact of securitization (UCCs, mechanic’s lien, etc.) on A/R during the pandemic. Here's what they found.
Mechanic’s Lien Deadline Tolls

New York Tolling the Lien Line

A lien claimant's lien was saved because the deadline was tolled. What is tolled and how did this claimant luck out? Let's take a look.

NCS Insights for Credit Management in 2021

Bankruptcy Climate of 2020, Predictions for 2021, and What You Need to Do to Ensure Your Company is a Secured Creditor

Shopping Malls Suffer Trickle-Up Effects of Retail Bankruptcies

Retail bankruptcies are on the rise and the impacts aren’t limited to suppliers of inventory and the retail employees. Who else is in danger?

Oceanwide Plaza in Los Angeles Buried in Mechanic’s Liens

A GC is owed over $200M, and various subcontractors are owed an additional $2.5M, after furnishing to a project owned by Oceanwide Plaza LLC.
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Out of Shape? The ’24 Hour Fitness’ Financial Failure

24 Hour Fitness bankruptcy isn't a surprise, but it does make the filing of mechanic’s liens extremely important.

Pandemic and Mechanic’s Liens Hurting Southern Food Favorite Yardbird

Unfortunately, the recently debuted Dallas location of Yardbird is burdened with some hefty mechanic’s liens; over $2.4M.

Construction Notice of Delay and COVID-19

Are you furnishing to a construction project? If so, should you send a Notice of Delay? We recommend that you and your legal team review your contracts to determine whether a Notice of Delay is required.

Your Credit Management Arsenal & COVID-19

If you extend credit, you are vulnerable to risk. This vulnerability grows exponentially in the midst of tragic events, such as the pandemic.

Backup Documentation Can Make or Break Your Claim

Maintaining comprehensive and complete records can be a challenge. But, if you skip the back up documentation you risk your lien rights.