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Serve the Preliminary Notice Upon the Construction Lender

You serve preliminary notices to protect lien rights. Did you know some states require the lender also receive a copy of the notice?

Serve the Lender with the Notice

A lender is the party (or parties) funding the project. Often the lender is a financial institution, but sometimes, especially in the case of P3s, the lender may be a corporation or other entity.

Bankruptcy Proof of Claim: Don’t Forget!

With bankruptcies on the rise, it is increasingly likely you'll need to complete a bankruptcy proof of claim. Learn more in this post.

Statute Changes for New Mexico Mechanic’s Liens

Under New Mexico's revised statute, to recover costs and fees, you need to serve a copy of the recorded mechanic’s lien upon the owner.

New Mexico Lien and Bond Claim Rights

Curious about mechanic’s lien & bond claim rights in New Mexico? Today's post is for you because we’re in a New Mexico state of mind!

North Carolina Mechanic’s Lien Rights: What is a Lien Agent?

What is the role of the Lien Agent and how could it effect your North Carolina mechanic's lien rights? Learn more from attorney R. Lee Robertson
oil rig

Special Types of Liens: Oil and Gas Liens

The question: “Are there special types of mechanic’s liens?” The Answer: YES! Some include Oil, Gas, Mineral, Wells, and Quarries.
female construction worker

Private, Public, or Federal: The Importance of Project Type for Lien Rights

Learn more about the critical role project type plays in protecting your mechanic's lien and bond claim rights.
california mechanics lien graphic

What’s Included in a California Mechanic’s Lien?

Today’s post is for all you DIY-ers. Here’s a breakdown of the information you should include within your California mechanic’s lien.
hand holding question mark with exclamation point in the background

Bonding Off a Mechanic’s Lien: What Is It?

Bonding off a mechanic’s lien doesn't mean your mechanic’s lien rights are gone. check out this post to learn what you'll do instead.
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Georgia Mechanic’s Liens & Bond Claims

Furnishing to a project in Georgia? Check out these steps to protect your mechanic's lien or bond claim rights for projects in Georgia.
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Material Suppliers’ Mechanic’s Lien Rights in Indiana

In a significant legal reversal, a material supplier selling to a material supplier now has mechanic’s lien rights in Indiana. Check it out!