NCS Credit celebrates 50 Years +2 with a building expansion, new name and new brand look

Highland Hts. Oh., Sep. 30, 2022 – After a two-year delay due to the pandemic, NCS Credit is thrilled to announce the celebration of its 50th anniversary (2020), the anxiously awaited grand opening of its new 3,200 ft building expansion, plus the launch of its updated corporate name, logo and website.

On September 9, 2022, NCS Credit, formerly known as NCS, held a “50 +2 Clambake & Lobster Boil” at their corporate headquarters for employees and their families to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary (+2 years!). The event was packed with friendly faces, delicious food, and family fun. From tours of the beautiful new building expansion and the unveiling of the new branding and website to photo booth antics and dancing with the DJ, laughter and pride filled the air; there was so much to celebrate.

“It was so fun to see everyone together! You know, we spend so much time together during the week and it’s easy to forget we have lives outside of here.” Joked Amy Poje, NCS Credit Director of Operations, “Throughout the years, we celebrate with each other, and we rally in tough times – it was so cool to finally meet each other’s families. And it’s been a privilege to grow with NCS Credit; to see the team and the company thrive. This celebration was a tremendous opportunity to relax, reflect, and really enjoy some time as a group.”

Although a great deal has changed since Howard Cowan founded the company in 1970, NCS Credit has remained at the forefront of the commercial credit service industry. “When my husband passed away unexpectedly in 1990, I was teaching elementary school full-time. We didn’t have a business plan in place; no answers to the ‘what ifs?’ As a family, we rallied. For the next five years I continued teaching full-time and running the business in the evening. I’ve been quoted as saying ‘You never know where life is going to take you.’ and after 5 years of teaching and running the business full time, I decided to focus on the business.” said NCS Credit CEO Dee Cowan, “We’ve grown steadily year-over-year. I never imagined how successful the company would become. We have an incredible team. Howard would be so pleased.”

“Over the five decades we’ve been in business, one constant remains: we’ve stayed true to our roots, always focused on helping businesses get paid for the work they do. And we could not have achieved our remarkable success without the dedication of the talented team here at NCS Credit. Their passion for the work – and putting the client first – shines through in everything they do. Every day, this team upholds our Core Values; we are determined, conscientious, inquisitive, and we have an amazing community.” said NCS Credit President Mary Cowan.

“Over the five decades we’ve been in business, one constant remains: we’ve stayed true to our roots, always focused on helping businesses get paid for the work they do.” – Mary Cowan, NCS Credit President

“NCS Credit has provided exceptional solutions that help our clients meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace for more than 50 years,” said NCS Credit CFO Joe Caco. “We are continually expanding our resources, refining our services, and evolving to meet the needs of our clients. Today, we’re well positioned to deliver exceptional service following our commitment to the highest standards.”

Since 1970, NCS Credit has been the leader in providing credit professionals, throughout the U.S. and Canada, with proactive solutions to secure receivables, minimize credit risk and improve profitability. Specializing in commercial collections, the preparation and filing of mechanic’s liens, and a full-service UCC filing program, NCS Credit provides superior service and customized solutions to meet your needs.

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