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Gather project information and evaluate the creditworthiness of your customer and the parties within the ladder of supply, with access to recorded documents vital to the construction industry. Learn more about the recently updated LienFinder™.

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LienTracker® Online

Simplify the process of collecting project data, generating notices, mailing documents, tracking deadlines, and most importantly, complying with complex mechanic’s lien laws for each state. Learn more about LienTracker® Online.

LienTracker® Online
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The National Lien Digest©

For each state, province and territory, we research and compile the statutes to concisely lay out the timetables for action. No guesswork – it’s spelled out in an easy-to-understand format and updated in real time. Learn more about The National Lien Digest©.

The National Lien Digest©

OnDemand Webinars

Miss a webinar? No problem! Subscribe to our OnDemand webinars and you’ll have 24/7 access with unlimited viewing for your entire team. Now you can learn more about UCC filings and the Notice & Mechanic’s Lien process at your convenience and pace.

OnDemand Webinars
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All Inclusive Public Records Search

We will provide a detailed report that can answer important questions and put your customer concerns to rest. This report contains federal, state and county records, including suits, bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments and UCC’s.

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Bankruptcy Monitoring

This vital service provides prompt email notification of the filing and will include the jurisdiction, court, chapter of bankruptcy, case number, date of filing, the option to purchase bankruptcy documents and next action recommendations.

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Bankruptcy Proof of Claim

Insolvency rules are complex, but we can help. If your customer files for bankruptcy, we will navigate the complexities and file your Proof of Claim to protect your interests.

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Bankruptcy Search

Need help determining whether your customer has filed for bankruptcy? We’ll search for bankruptcies and promptly provide you with notice of the bankruptcy, the case summary, and the bar date.

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Corporate Monitoring

Changes in corporate status may be an early warning sign your customer is in trouble. Let us monitor for changes – if there is a change, we’ll notify you of the change and provide recommendations on what to do to best protect yourself.

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Credit Reporting

Tired of contracts with credit bureaus? With our robust comprehensive credit reporting services, you only pay for what you pull.

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  • testimonial graphic
    Eric Emerick, VP of Operations
    Aircon Engineering, Inc.

    I just wanted to pass along a success story from using your LienFinder tool. We avoided losing $14,000 because we used “NCS Lien Finder” to check out the GC. Our customer, the subcontractor, turned down the job because of the information we provided. LienFinder showed us that the GC had 6 liens filed against them. We later found out the GC left town and left all the subs without payment.

    As part of our credit approval process, we search LienFinder on all jobs over $10,000 when I am unfamiliar with the GC and/or subs. LienFinder is certainly a one of a kind credit tool that gives us information we cannot get from any other source. Thanks again for working with me to make this tool available to us.

  • notice mechanic's lien testimonial graphic
    Nanci Stevenson, Director of Credit
    B.R. Funsten & Co.

    NCS has been such a helpful tool and what a time saver!!! Both Tanya and I love the system.

  • testimonial graphic
    Robin Bare, Credit Manager
    Carter Lumber Company

    Over the past eight years with the assistance of NCS we have implemented a Lien Division in our company and utilized their software program Lien Tracker. This has enabled Carter Lumber to efficiently monitor and maintain thousands of lien rights on residential and commercial projects. In addition, NCS has also filed and collected on those lien claims on behalf of Carter Lumber Company.

  • testimonial graphic
    Jackie Herring, Credit Supervisor
    Hamilton Parker Company

    Another great tool is the National Lien Digest. Once I find the information I need, I check the National Lien Digest to verify what steps I need to take, in each state, to protect lien rights. The daily updates let me know I am working with the most current information available. Getting notices out and letting clients know deadlines are being monitored is making a difference in the turnaround time for receiving payments.

  • ucc testimonial graphic
    Kevin Lake, ICCE, Corporate Risk Manager
    Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.

    Using the Corporate Monitoring service NCS has been providing, our company has already identified two accounts with open credit limits which could have resulted in material losses: First, a $100,000 open credit limit and open accounts receivable. NCS identified the account as inactive with the State. Subsequent conference calls with the CFO of our customer found that the customer was “very close to running out of cash and it is unlikely to be funded further by outside investors.” Given such dire status provided verbally as well as the State standing, we reduced the limit to $0. Second, a $250,000 open credit limit. NCS identified the account as inactive with the State. HTA had no open exposure and decided to reduce the limit to $0 until the business returns to active status or until a sufficient explanation can be provided. As a general rule, HTA does not do business with companies that are inactive with the State without sufficient explanation and understanding.

  • testimonial graphic
    Amy L. Trevino CBA, Credit Manager
    McNaughton-McKay Electric Company

    Within the first week, I found a lien against a current customer that forced them to come clean to me about why my company had not been paid. This information made it clear not to sell to them further until things were resolved. I can’t think of any other way I would have found that information without LienFinder – it just saved my company $75,000.

  • ucc testimonial graphic
    Deborah Hall, Legal Coordinator

    NCS has been outstanding with the entire process of transitioning our UCC records into their system for the filling, monitoring, and maintenance of our UCC records. Our records go back several decades; therefore, the transition has to be with a company that would help us every step of the way. NCS has exceeded all my expectations and has made our transition seamless.

  • testimonial graphic
    Nealson Hanner, Assistant Credit Manager
    Rain for Rent

    Having essential project information is key to mitigating credit risk for Rain for Rent. As you know, we subscribed and began using LienFinder in January 2016. It has proved to be a very resourceful tool.

    We had a project in New Jersey, and because the preliminary notice was not required, the project information was not gathered. The project was for $346,000 and all of a sudden payment became an issue. We decided to file a lien but did not have all of the entities in the ladder of supply required to file a lien. As happens in a lot of these situations, phone calls were not being answered. I logged into LienFinder and found a Lien had already filed on the project as well as all of the essential information I needed. This saved me considerable time trying to find the information and ultimately helped me get paid in full! LienFinder is an important tool in our process.

  • testimonial graphic
    Michelle Jones, Paralegal
    RBI Solar

    I highly recommend LienTracker Online to companies who are comfortable with managing the preliminary notice process in-house. The new cloud-based system with the convenience of the NCS mailing service, has saved me considerable time and money. LienTracker Online has been very easy to use and with consistent program enhancements, I look forward to actively using it to protect RBI Solar’s lien and claim rights. Great job NCS!

  • testimonial graphic
    Gary R. Barber, Corporate Credit Manager
    Whirlwind Steel Buildings, Inc.

    Whirlwind Steel Buildings has been utilizing, with great success, NCS’ LienTracker™ software for over 15 years now. We recently discussed the manual process we had to utilize ‘prior’ to LienTracker™ and realized we were not effective in tracking all our building and component order ship dates and had missed important notice dates threatening our ability to file liens when those situations arose.

    I would recommend this service to any company looking to protect its lien rights for material provided to lienable projects.

    With the constant upgrades, from NCS, reflecting the most recent changes of the state lien statutes, we feel confident that the auto-generated pre-lien notices we send are absolutely in compliance with the complicated requirements of the state lien codes.

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