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UCC Filings Work, Here’s a $95,000 True Story

Did you know you could potentially recover funds from unsecured creditors who were paid with funds secured by collateral identified in your UCC?

Survey: Securitization on A/R During the Pandemic

The CRF surveyed the use and impact of securitization (UCCs, mechanic’s lien, etc.) on A/R during the pandemic. Here's what they found.

UCC 9-503(a) and a Creditor’s Security Interest

The spelling of your debtor's name on the UCC filing matters. Welcome to today’s edition of “The Tractors & Tribulations of UCC 9-503"!

Wyoming House Bill Further Defines a Digital Asset

Wyoming recently defined a digital asset and identified it as an intangible under UCC Article 9. That means a UCC filing could protect you!
UCC Terminated on Geringhoff NS 1230F Corn Head

UCC Terminated without Authorization

To have a UCC filing terminated without authorization is unfortunate; to have it happen twice? Well, that’s downright frustrating. What now?
Revive a UCC Filing

Can You Revive a UCC Filing?

Can a UCC be “revived” if you knowingly fail to timely file an amendment for a debtor’s name change? Odds aren't good! Let's learn more here.

Credit Insurance Cuts Coverage, New Focus on UCCs

While insurance companies deliver crippling blows to businesses’ financial security, credit departments bring UCC filings into renewed focus.

Shopping Malls Suffer Trickle-Up Effects of Retail Bankruptcies

Retail bankruptcies are on the rise and the impacts aren’t limited to suppliers of inventory and the retail employees. Who else is in danger?

Your UCC Filing and Repossession: Do Not Breach the Peace or the Pizza

Can you afford the risk if one of your customers defaults? What if 5 of your customers default? Don’t get burnt – get the dough! File a UCC.

Equipment UCC Filings Best Practices

Selling equipment? You should consider protecting your receivable with a Purchase Money Security Interest (PMSI) filing. Here's why!

Your Credit-Granting Processes & COVID-19

We recently asked our clients whether the pandemic is impacting credit-granting processes & the proactive steps they're taking to secure A/R.

Bankruptcy Proof of Claim: Don’t Forget!

With bankruptcies on the rise, it is increasingly likely you'll need to complete a bankruptcy proof of claim. Learn more in this post.