Stop Losing, Start Protecting: UCC Filings Reduce Financial Risk

Every time you extend credit to your customer, you assume some calculated risk, right? Because you know there are risks associated with extending credit to a customer, and as a diligent credit professional, you take steps to mitigate that risk. You scrutinize their credit application. You carefully analyze and review credit history, the amount of outstanding debt, payment behaviors and you contact credit references. To limit exposure, you negotiate lower credit lines, pay for credit insurance, or require cash in advance, but there’s a popular, simple, low-cost protection you may have overlooked: UCC filings.

In this resource, we discuss:

  • What is a UCC filing and who should file UCCs
  • Top UCC filings myths debunked
  • UCC filings vs. credit insurance
  • Competitive advantage of UCC filings

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