Take Advantage of Our Modern Technology

Whether you're filing UCCs or protecting Mechanic's Lien rights, technology is an invaluable tool. Quickly and easily transmit your project and debtor information electronically to NCS Credit.

Simple System Integrations

You’re busy! Let us help you save time and money with our automated API solutions (application programming interface). With our proprietary technology and process expertise, you will

  • Save on labor costs
  • Increase efficiencies
  • Reduce missed deadlines
  • Eliminate data entry errors
  • Automate steps through an API integration

Significant Process Improvements

save 60+ hours per week
reduce costs by $50,000 per year
improve your DSO 25%-50%

Transmitting Data is a Breeze

Work with one of our Software Engineers to customize an API to streamline and simplify the transmittal process, saving you hours of manual work. Through our premier technology, we can connect your system to our system via flat file or the cloud.

Once set up, we’ll work with you to transmit as much or as little data as you’d like. Easy breezy!

API for Notices, Mechanic’s Liens, and Lien Waivers

Serving preliminary notices, filing mechanic’s liens, managing lien waivers?

To secure your mechanic’s lien rights, you need to identify these four key pieces of information:

notice and lien

Project Type

Is the project private, public, or federal
notice and lien

Your Customer

Customer name & address
notice and lien


The state in which the project is located
notice and lien


When you furnished to the project

API for UCC Filings

Filing UCCs? To secure your personal property and fixtures, you need to identify these four key pieces of information:


Filing Type

Is is a blanket or PMSI (equipment or inventory) filing

Your Customer

Customer name & address


The state in which your customer is incorporated


A description of the collateral

One Click Away

“Filing UCCs is a critical part of our credit granting process. We wanted to streamline the process as much as possible, so we spoke with our financing software company as well as with NCS Credit, and together they were able to create an electronic solution for us.

It’s as simple as clicking a button.

An actual button was incorporated into our accounting software and when I click that button, the data necessary for the UCC filing plus an image of our security agreement, are sent directly to NCS Credit for review and filing.

That’s it! We save time & secure our receivables – it’s a win-win!”

– Ken Kodama, Finance Manager, MC Machinery Systems, Inc.

Let’s Discuss Integration & Automation

Our Team is Your Team

  • brandon kirsch
    Brand Kirsch, Lead Software Developer
    NCS Credit

    “We customized a dual API solution for a client, a ‘Project Feed’ and an ‘Invoice Feed.’ These two data feeds provide an awesome experience for the client: new projects created in the client’s system automatically appear in our Online Services, complete with mailing addresses, contract & claim amounts, and furnishing dates. Existing projects are updated automatically so Online Services is consistent with the latest information in their system. Everything is monitored by our system, which the client uses to prioritize their Notice & Bond Claim processes.”

  • Adrian Segedy, Director of Sales
    NCS Credit

    “We strive to minimize our client’s workload, and our customized hybrid solutions allow us to do that. Between our technology and expertise, we can design a program to fit your needs. We provide clients a convenient way to proactively protect their payment rights and easily manage projects throughout the lifecycle.”

We’ve Got You Covered

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Easy integrations. Through our proprietary technology we can connect your system to our system via flat file or the cloud.

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Our software engineers know code and statute; they understand the intricacies of A/R and the Mechanic’s Lien and UCC filing processes.

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Our cloud-based solutions are secure, configurable, and scalable for flexible deployment.