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Obtain a Copy of The Payment Bond

Getting a copy of the bond up front is prudent. As a best practice, obtain a copy of the payment bond when contracting for the project.

North Carolina Mechanic’s Lien Rights: What is a Lien Agent?

What is the role of the Lien Agent and how could it effect your North Carolina mechanic's lien rights? Learn more from attorney R. Lee Robertson
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Georgia Mechanic’s Liens & Bond Claims

Furnishing to a project in Georgia? Check out these steps to protect your mechanic's lien or bond claim rights for projects in Georgia.
why you should serve non-statuatory notices graphic

Non-Statutory Notices: 3 Great Reasons to Serve Them

No required preliminary notice to protect mechanic's lien rights? You should serve a non-statutory notice and we have 3 great reasons why!
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When Should the Clerk Record the Mechanic’s Lien?

This decision, while victorious for the lienor, is a great reminder to always confirm your document has been received AND recorded timely.

Changes to North Carolina Lien Waivers

North Carolina lien waivers on progress payments are only enforceable for the amount/payment actually received. Awesome news!

Mechanic’s Liens and Construction Credit, Common Terms

Here are some of the most common keywords and phrases you may hear in the land of mechanic’s liens and construction credit.

New Brunswick Mechanic’s Lien Changes

Here’s a brief look at some key changes to New Brunswick mechanic’s lien statute, which came into effect toward the end of 2021.

Mechanic’s Liens on Arkansas Residential Projects

Learn how one residential contractor could have saved thousands of dollars if they would have served their preliminary notice.

Mechanic’s Lien on a Wind Farm Can Be Complicated

Supplying materials or labor to a wind farm project? Keep these 7 things in mind when filing your mechanic's lien.

North Dakota Mechanic’s Lien and Bond Claim Rights

What do North Dakota and mechanic’s liens have in common? They are both legendary! Let’s check out North Dakota mechanic’s lien rights.

Nebraska Construction Lien and Bond Claim Rights

Furnishing to a project in Nebraska? Read this post to learn more about securing construction lien and bond claim rights.