Managing the mechanic’s lien process can be challenging.

LienTracker® Online simplifies the process of collecting project data, generating notices, mailing documents, tracking deadlines, and most importantly, complying with complex mechanic’s lien laws for each state.

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Managing preliminary notices in-house?

LienTracker® Online is an easy-to-use cloud-based platform to help you manage the mechanic’s lien process in-house. It provides a simple, all-in-one tool to enter project information, generate a notice and track deadlines for every project from start to finish, eliminating the hassle of manually tracking liens.

Never miss another deadline and secure your right to get paid.

Simplify your process

With LienTracker® Online you can:

  • Create and manage unlimited number of projects
  • Integrate access to Google Address Lookup and USPS address verification
  • Generate statutorily written notices
  • Print and mail notices via NCS Credit
  • Calculate deadlines
  • Create email alerts
  • Integrate with easy access to The National Lien Digest©
  • Track online history of all project changes
  • Access lien waivers at no additional charge
  • Utilize a variety of search and reporting options
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