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Over the past 5 years we have used NCS to manage our UCC filings, they do a remarkable job at making sure all our filings, amendments and continuations are done quickly and accurately to insure we are all protected…We have saved thousands of dollars recovering product and funds that would have otherwise been lost without being secured.

Dan Fiengo, Credit Manager Cycling Sports Group

I love the system. Before NCS I was doing the law research (long and tedious), generating the documents, certified mailing the signed docs to the necessary parties, and trying to monitor the milestones. It was a very difficult but necessary task. The NCS service website and the lien digest have revolutionized how CSI protects its lien rights. I literally log on to the website, go to the lien digest to educate myself, pull up a service request, and input the necessary data. Done! NCS reminds me of the next milestones. Brilliant. Thank you!

John Keefe, Executive Operations Officer CSI of Virginia, Inc.