NCS COVID-19 State and County Updates

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NCS services have been invaluable to Kichler Lighting for many years. Since I attended an NCS seminar a number of years ago, we have done hundreds of filings and they have helped us save thousands of dollars. A number of our filings have allowed us to recover products and recoup funds that we would not have otherwise.

Director-Corporate Credit Kichler Lighting

We had a project in New Jersey, and because the preliminary notice was not required, the project information was not gathered. The project was for $346,000 and all of a sudden payment became an issue. We decided to file a lien but did not have all of the entities in the ladder of supply required to file a lien. As happens in a lot of these situations, phone calls were not being answered. I logged into LienFinder and found a Lien had already filed on the project as well as all of the essential information I needed. This saved me considerable time trying to find the information and ultimately helped me get paid in full!

Nealson Hanner, Assistant Credit Manager Rain for Rent