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One of our customers just went out of business and owed us $58,000+. We were able to recover $40,000 of it because we had the UCC as security and as a negotiating tool. From what I’ve heard, the unsecured creditors were left with pennies on the dollar or nothing at all.

We are now going on 19 years with NCS Credit services and the business partnership we share is considered a treasured tool in our credit arsenal. Over the years NCS Services has undoubtedly helped our company to have very low write-­offs. If not for NCS services, we would be looking at an 8K bad debt write-­off.

Dale Tennis, Credit Manager Nora Systems, Inc.

I just wanted to pass along a success story from using the UCC filing process with NCS. We avoided losing $85,927 because we used a UCC to secure our receivables. Our customer was selling their restaurant and the sale was initially turned down because of the UCC filing. The customer had a history of returned checks. When they discovered the lien, they asked us to terminate it so they can proceed with the sale. We explained we could not do that without being paid. This resulted in us collecting the full amount of $85,927 that otherwise would have taken us probably a year to collect! The UCC process is certainly a great tool that gives us the leverage we would have never had.

Gladys Greene, Area Credit Manager US Foods