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NCS services have been invaluable to Kichler Lighting for many years. Since I attended an NCS seminar a number of years ago, we have done hundreds of filings and they have helped us save thousands of dollars. A number of our filings have allowed us to recover products and recoup funds that we would not have otherwise.

Director-Corporate Credit Kichler Lighting

I just wanted to pass along a success story from using your LienFinder tool. We avoided losing $14,000 because we used "NCS Lien Finder" to check out the GC. Our customer, the subcontractor, turned down the job because of the information we provided. LienFinder showed us that the GC had 6 liens filed against them. We later found out the GC left town and left all the subs without payment.

As part of our credit approval process, we search LienFinder on all jobs over $10,000 when I am unfamiliar with the GC and/or subs. LienFinder is certainly a one of a kind credit tool that gives us information we cannot get from any other source. Thanks again for working with me to make this tool available to us.

Eric Emerick, Vice President Aircon Engineering, Inc.