NCS COVID-19 State and County Updates

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Using the service NCS has been providing, our company has already identified two accounts with open credit limits which could have resulted in material losses: First, a $100,000 open credit limit and open accounts receivable. NCS identified the account as inactive with the State. Subsequent conference calls with the CFO of our customer found that the customer was “very close to running out of cash and it is unlikely to be funded further by outside investors.” Given such dire status provided verbally as well as the State standing, we reduced the limit to $0. Second, a $250,000 open credit limit. NCS identified the account as inactive with the State. HTA had no open exposure and decided to reduce the limit to $0 until the business returns to active status or until a sufficient explanation can be provided. As a general rule, HTA does not do business with companies that are inactive with the State without sufficient explanation and understanding.

Kevin Lake, ICCE, Corporate Risk Manager Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.

I have worked with Bernie Cowan and his staff at NCS for twenty years. They have handled claims from a few thousand dollars to over $1 million for my Company. Their track record is excellent…Whether it’s a lien to be filed in Nevada, a question on a public job in NYC, or a payment bond I do not understand, all are explained and or claim in process the day I make the call. The network of attorneys in contract with NCS includes some of the best firms I have ever dealt with in my forty years in the Construction Industry.

Dennis LeRosa, Corporate Credit Manager Cleaver-Brooks Inc.