The Plain Dealer Names NCS a Winner of Top Workplaces Award!

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Ten plus years ago, Whirlwind Steel Buildings elected to invest in NCS’s ‘LienTracker NTO’ and ‘National Lien Digest’ software. Previously, we were handling all pre-lien notices and notices of furnishings through a hand written record system. We now ask ourselves how we survived those days, with that antiquated method, with millions of receivable dollars at risk.

We feel like we are using the most efficient and time saving lien tracking program on the market today. When there are questions, NCS’s support staff is there to get the answers we need, typically, right on the spot at no additional cost!

Gary R. Barber, Corporate Credit Manager Whirlwind Steel Buildings, Inc.

After implementing the lien/notice to owner program, we have seen our DSO numbers steadily decline each month, to an average of around 22 days. That is over a 30% improvement in our DSO since we first partnered with NCS.

Michael Day, Controller CaptiveAire