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NCS Credit provides end-to-end business credit services that protect your accounts receivable with the legal tools you need to get paid – FAST.

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Your commercial debt recovery partner

You need to get paid, and NCS Credit has been helping businesses do just that for more than 50 years. We have the information and trusted expertise you need to secure receivables, minimize credit risk and maximize profitability.

Whether you need us to tailor a solution to fit your needs, or you simply wish to leverage our five decades of credit wisdom as a resource, we’re here to help. Whatever it takes to get you paid.

Commercial collections…simplified

Past-due accounts can have a serious impact on your bottom line. Mitigate problems with your business-to-business receivables with access to our nationally recognized in-house attorneys, paralegals and collectors focused on commercial debt recovery.

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In-house experts

Attorneys, paralegals and collectors on your side.
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24/7 access

View and manage the process online, day or night.
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Fully bonded

Guaranteed to match our reputation.
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Professional and credible

National leader in mechanic’s lien, bond claim and UCC filing.

Successfully and accurately navigate Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code

Our UCC Services include UCC filings, monitoring services, and a recovery program that protects you if your customer defaults or files for bankruptcy.

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Flat fees

Utilize the industry’s only full-service flat fee UCC filing program.
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24/7 access

View and manage the process online, day or night.
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Range of filings

Consignment sales, bailment, tooling, warehousing situations and installments/promissory notes.
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International security

Programs available for Canada (PPSA), Mexico (RUG), Australia (PPSA) and New Zealand (NZPPSA).

Billions in receivables protected for our construction clients

Partner with the construction credit industry’s national leader in the serving of notices and filing of mechanic’s liens and bond claims.

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Notice & Mechanic’s Lien Specialists

We specialize in credit solutions for businesses from furnishing companies to the construction industry.
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24/7 access

View and manage the process online, day or night.
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Legal tools

Deadlines tracked, preliminary notices, mechanic’s liens, bond claims served and filed.
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National expertise

The right attorney for the job, either in-house or through our established national network.

Knowledge, support and education in a range of complementary fields

Partner with industry thought leaders and make the best financial decisions possible for your company.

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Public records search

Put your customer concerns to rest with our detailed public records reports.
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Bankruptcy tools

Thorough and effective bankruptcy searches, monitoring, and proof-of-claims.
credit reporting icon

Credit reporting

Reduce credit risk and protect your bottom line with detailed commercial credit reports.
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Improve your Cashflow calculator

Use our free tool to calculate the impact of reducing your DSO.

Collection expertise, tools and programs specific to your industry

Your accounts are unique. We get that. With decades of knowledge managing collections for manufacturers, construction suppliers, food distributors and energy providers, we also know that industry-specific expertise gets the job done faster and more cost-effectively.



Tools and resources for manufacturers and commercial operations.



Billions of dollars protected over half a century of working with construction suppliers.

Food Distributors

Food Distributors

Expert help with protecting accounts receivable in the food distribution industry.

energy icon


A nimble and thorough understanding of recovery in the ever-changing energy industry.


How we’ve helped others

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    Dennis LeRosa, Corporate Credit Manager
    Cleaver-Brooks Inc.

    I have worked with Bernie Cowan and his staff at NCS for twenty years. They have handled claims from a few thousand dollars to over $1 million for my company. Their track record is excellent…Whether it’s a lien to be filed in Nevada, a question on a public job in NYC, or a payment bond I do not understand, all are explained and/or claim in process the day I make the call. The network of attorneys in contract with NCS includes some of the best firms I have ever dealt with in my forty years in the construction industry.

  • ucc testimonial graphic
    Michael Wisner, Region Credit Manager
    US Foods

    We were notified that a customer was selling a location which at the time had an AR in the mid-six figures, all of which was past due…The sale took place and our Credit Manager was contacted by the attorney who had the check in hand for the full amount. Had we not had the UCC filing in place we would not have received this payment and very likely, only cents on the dollar.

    This success paid for the cost of filing previous UCC’s and future UCC filings for years to come. This was definitely a win when looking at the cost benefit/ROI for securing our receivables with the UCC process and utilizing the services of NCS.

  • notice mechanic's lien testimonial graphic
    Michael Day, Controller

    After implementing the lien/notice to owner program, we have seen our DSO numbers steadily decline each month, to an average of around 22 days. That is over a 30% improvement in our DSO since we first partnered with NCS.

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Customized resources.
Trusted partnerships.

Your situation is unique. When you partner with NCS Credit, we evaluate your specific situation and focus on generating customized solutions to fit your budget and organizational requirements.

We want to know your issues and concerns so we can give you the best value for protecting your money.

Proudly, the majority of our clients consider NCS Credit a strategic partner. We aim for long-term relationships.

What sets us apart?

We’re here to back you up, and get you paid.

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Empowering heroes

Utilize NCS Credit as a resource and a partner and become the person at your company who can get things done.
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Multiple solutions

Whatever your challenge, we have the tools and expertise to meet it–and get you paid.
Card #3

Decades of experience

We’ve been a trusted partner to our clients for more than half a century.
Card #4

“One size fits one” approach

No two of your accounts are the same. We respect and understand that. Our entire approach is built around finding solutions that best suit your needs.
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Online Service Option

Access your secure online portal 24/7 and save time and paperwork.
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Flat Fees

Take the guesswork out of it. Know your costs up front.

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This infographic reviews the fundamentals of conditional, unconditional, partial, and final lien waivers. Ready to learn more about the primary types of lien waivers and which waiver could provide you with the best leverage?

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Equipment UCC Filings

What do you do if your customer files bankruptcy or defaults on payment? Article 9 of the UCC defines “equipment” as goods used or bought for primary use in business. In other words, goods your customer uses in the course of their business. The ability to take a secured interest in the equipment can help with credit decisions.
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