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Within the first week, I found a lien against a current customer that forced them to come clean to me about why my company had not been paid. This information made it clear not to sell to them further until things were resolved. I can’t think of any other way I would have found that information without LienFinder – it just saved my company $75,000.

Amy L. Trevino CBA, Credit Manager McNaughton-McKay Electric Company

Another great tool is the National Lien Digest. Once I find the information I need, I check the National Lien Digest to verify what steps I need to take, in each state, to protect lien rights. The daily updates let me know I am working with the most current information available. Getting notices out and letting clients know deadlines are being monitored is making a difference in the turnaround time for receiving payments.

Jackie Herring, Credit Supervisor Hamilton Parker Company