Here’s Why You Should Hire a Construction Attorney for Construction Litigation

Why Hire a Construction Attorney for Construction Litigation?

Excellent question! In today’s post we’ll review a few key considerations when deciding whether you should hire a construction attorney for construction litigation.

Why use attorneys who are experts in construction litigation?

Companies can’t afford to rely on attorneys that “dabble” in construction law. There is too much at stake and the laws are too complex. Make sure your attorneys are experts in construction litigation.

What are advantages of having a construction attorney local to a project?

Mechanic’s lien and bond claim laws can vary drastically from state to state, so having an experienced attorney local to the project is a tremendous benefit. The attorney will know the laws specific to that state and may be near the project and/or familiar with the parties involved.

Should I use a large attorney firm for my construction collection needs?

The presumption by many is that using a large law firm will somehow guarantee better results. This is not necessarily the case. Larger law firms often charge high hourly rates and assign your case to a less experienced associate attorney. Working with a small or mid-sized firm may provide your organization with more legal expertise and a better overall value.

But, That’s Not All!

At NCS, our focus is helping you get paid for materials or services provided. But construction is a massive field and in a recent article from Odin Feldman Pittleman PC, construction attorneys can assist with contract conflicts, alternative dispute resolution, bankruptcy, labor disputes, and insurance issues.

According to Odin Feldman Pittleman PC, this is when you should hire a construction attorney:

“Thanks to their extensive legal knowledge, construction attorneys can make any stage of the construction process easier. You may want to consider employing one at the beginning of a project, when you are applying for a permit or need government approval for a project. Construction attorneys can also help you adhere to local, state, federal, and environmental regulations, preventing easily-avoided disputes.

Contract review and preparation are also key areas in which a construction attorney can be a valuable ally. An attorney can assist in the project planning process, then translate your needs to make that project happen into a clear contract that protects your interests. They may also be able to compile other legal documents to supplement your project or protect it from lawsuits.

Finally, construction attorneys are well versed in labor laws and disputes. They can help you settle cases between employees and employers, whether through mediation, settlement, or litigation. Consider hiring a construction attorney if you are faced with a labor dispute of any kind.”

NCS Can Help!

NCS has a nationwide network of construction attorneys with decades of experience. Our attorneys understand that projects often have extenuating or more complicated circumstances (multiple parcels, multiple owners, complex title searches, condominiums, quasi private/public projects, oil and gas liens, etc.) and may be local to and familiar with these projects.

If you need assistance, contact us today!

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