Always Perform A Reflective UCC Search

Always Perform a Reflective UCC Search: Especially on Your Recent Pennsylvania UCC Filings with Attachments

You should always perform a reflective search on each UCC filing to ensure your filing was indexed correctly. Through a reflective search you are likely to quickly catch errors in the spelling of a party name, and in the case of Pennsylvania, quickly identify when attachments aren’t recorded with the filing.

While performing a reflective UCC search on a Pennsylvania filing, our UCC Specialist identified issues with Pennsylvania’s records: attachments weren’t included with the recorded UCC filings.

Red Alert

You can imagine the potential issue with your UCC filing if your collateral description refers to an attachment, and the attachment isn’t attached.

Upon discovering the error, our UCC Specialist contacted the Pennsylvania Department of State and alerted them of the issue. In response, the Pennsylvania Department of State corrected the issue and then released a statement regarding the missing attachments. You can read the Pennsylvania Department of State’s statement via The National Law Review: Pennsylvania Bureau Notifies Filers of the Loss of Attachments Submitted with UCC Records

Here’s Jerry Bailey with the recap:

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