Pennsylvania Construction Notice Registry and the SCCM Number

Pennsylvania State Construction Notice Registry: What is a SCCM Number and Why Does It Matter?

Pennsylvania has a State Construction Notices Directory, which houses filed notices for construction projects of $1,500,000 or more. These notices include Notices of Commencement, Notices of Furnishing, Notices of Non-Payment and Notices of Completion. Within the directory, each project is assigned a unique identifier, also known as a SCCM number.


The SCCM number is often included within contracts and if you see this number listed within your contracts it is important to make NCS aware of the file number.

Why Should I Tell NCS?

The State Construction Notices Directory is a database that can be searched by keyword. Unfortunately, search engines can be frustrating and with seemingly limitless name variations, correctly identifying and linking to the project within the directory can be a challenge.

“Wait, what? What do you mean, name variations?”

Everyone identifies projects in a different manner. Any given project could easily go by a dozen different names. As an example, let’s say there are several parties working on an improvement here at NCS. The general contractor has recorded a Notice of Commencement which identifies the project as “NCS Front of Building Renovation.”

  • Party 1 calls the project “NCS”
  • Party 2 calls the project “Main Building Improvement NCSCredit”
  • Party 3 calls the project “729 Miner Road Improvement”
  • Party 4 calls the project “Portico Build Out / Miner”

Now, let’s say you are party 4 and identified “Portico Build Out /Miner.” If we search the directory with the information provided, we may not be able to match it to “NCS Front of Building Renovation.” If a match can’t be found in the directory or if a project is linked incorrectly, it may jeopardize your rights.

Providing NCS the SCCM number allows us to quickly and accurately identify the correct project within the State Construction Notices Directory, and then link to the correct document to protect your lien rights.

OK, How Do I Tell You the SCCM Number?

When you submit a preliminary notice request via NCS Online Services, the following prompt will appear followed by a blank space to enter the SCCM number.

If a Notice of Commencement has been posted on the SCND, please provide the Notice ID number, if available.


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