Have You Received a Preliminary Notice?

Businesses partner with NCS Credit to serve preliminary notices on their behalf. Preliminary notices help protect you and your customer, ensuring transparency among all parties furnishing to a construction project.

Why Did I Receive a Preliminary Notice?

You have received this preliminary notice because your customer, or another interested party, believes the protection of lien rights is extremely valuable to its business, as well as to those supplying labor and/or material to construction projects.

The sending of preliminary notices is prescribed by the mechanic’s lien and bond claim laws in each state. The notice is for the protection of the project owner and/or the prime contractor, so they are aware of all parties furnishing to the project, and aware that a mechanic’s lien or claim against a payment bond may be filed if payment is not received.

The sending of this notice is in no way a negative reflection on your creditworthiness or to that of any other party to the project. It does not indicate any expected problem with respect to the payment of invoices; this is NOT A LIEN.

What Should I Do with this Notice?

As the construction credit industry’s leader in the serving of notices, filing mechanic’s liens and bond claims in the U.S. & Canada, NCS Credit recommends you review the document carefully and maintain a copy for your records.

It’s important to note, the notice may have action items for you to address, such as a request for you to provide NCS Credit with a copy of the project’s Notice of Commencement or a copy of the Payment Bond.

What if the Information Is Incorrect or I Have Additional Questions?

If you notice any errors in the document, or if you would like more information on the importance of lien rights and assistance specific to your customers, please contact us (if contacting us about a notice, please include the reference # which begins with “L” or “N”).


Please note, NCS Credit is not engaged in rendering legal advice and would advise you to seek legal counsel.