Attorney for Construction Litigation

When to Use an Attorney Who Specializes in Construction Litigation

Selecting the right attorney has a substantial impact on your ability to secure your receivables. There are many considerations when weighing your options.

Why is it important to utilize attorneys who are experts in construction litigation for construction collection cases?

Companies can’t afford to rely on attorneys that “dabble” in construction law. There is too much at stake and the laws are too complex. Make sure your attorneys are experts in construction litigation.

What are the advantages of having your construction attorney local to the project?

Mechanic’s lien and bond claim laws can vary drastically from state to state, so having an experienced attorney local to the project is a tremendous benefit. The attorney will know the laws specific to that state and may be in close proximity to the project and/or familiar with the parties involved.

What are the consequences if an attorney files a mechanic’s lien in a state where they are not licensed?

Courts have ruled against attorneys who have prepared, signed, filed and pursued mechanic’s liens in a state where they are not licensed to practice law. As a result, any related filing might be ruled invalid.

Should I use a large attorney firm for my construction collection needs?

The presumption by many is that using a large law firm will somehow guarantee better results. This is not necessarily the case. Larger law firms often charge high hourly rates and assign your case to a less experienced associate attorney. Working with a small or mid-sized firm may actually provide your organization with more legal expertise and a better overall value.

When hiring an attorney on an hourly basis, does the hourly rate tell the whole story in terms of cost?

Although the hourly attorney rate is important, the expertise of your attorney and method of billing is critical. Below are some questions to ask when evaluating a construction collection attorney:

  • Do I have a trusted relationship with this firm and/or attorney?
  • Is the hourly rate competitive for the region? (i.e. Hourly attorney fees in New York, NY will be higher than in Des Moines, IA).
  • What is the firm’s methodology for billing?

Consistency is the key!

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